Get It

Downloading CalyxOS and installing it on a phone is easy ! Here is how you do it...

At this time we are actively supporting ten phone models:

  • Google Pixel 2 ( code name walleye )
  • Google Pixel 2 XL ( code name taimen )
  • Google Pixel 3 ( code name blueline )
  • Google Pixel 3 XL ( code name crosshatch )
  • Google Pixel 3a ( code name sargo )
  • Google Pixel 3a XL ( code name bonito )
  • Google Pixel 4 ( code name flame )
  • Google Pixel 4 XL ( code name coral )
  • Google Pixel 4a ( code name sunfish )
  • Xiaomi Mi A2 ( code name jasmine_sprout )

We are working on adding support for the below devices and builds will be available in the future:

  • Google Pixel 5 ( code name redfin )
  • Google Pixel 4a 5G ( code name bramble )

Here are links to factory install images for our currently supported phones:
sha256: 3d512ba79f4cbb6ea61c8cc3464752ac36a74c92d071e8373c3ac4e091d27175
sha256: 044aae112c2feadd8da88db5faecb1c31db66a670bcac608e27fd7a2d9044b0b
sha256: d274c83672112725e7a2e9febd2587609c584ed909d8fb3a529c71b7e4a1681e
sha256: 02efbb1e84f2a545880d0471afd2ffa6a82ce41c4a5b18c5c422beab70c0311d
sha256: cce181a644c46cb6660b0d5718b8bdcff08812957fc0cc081c7e6075b047a1d5
sha256: 661b428730a9fd77e1768eb79f8da274112a498e69e0f6d4cde4c3deb159feec
sha256: e0284fcacdae2ecddcc3caea14a5afe76851ba0866ce7cab7907cc85cf1656ca
sha256: 8a6312e200a20cd260c6d35998f3b870057132ed029be576f710ecabb3185136
sha256: 2a835cc30d91cde6d100d40f42c6445b090a471b8adbe219e1f9573f8fb5e0df
sha256: 5a47d777282bde0fd7681b7aa6e66dd5d624aceabc17819d5faa030d91db8d5a

Further down the road, we are trying to get CalyxOS running on even lower-cost phones in order to bring it within reach of many more people, since the Google Pixel phones are both fairly expensive and difficult to obtain in many countries.

If you want to try CalyxOS at this time the first thing you have to do is get one of our supported phones and then follow these installation directions

*Note: In the USA there are two variants of the Google Pixel phones: The Google unlocked version, and the Verizon one. The Verizon one is unfortunately locked in such a way (boot loader locked) that you cannot install another operating system on it. The only way to tell is to attempt to unlock the bootloader of the phone. If you can enable "OEM unlocking" then it's an unlocked version. If "OEM unlocking" is greyed out and not toggle-able then you have the Verizon version.